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We're Mark and Monica Hufford and in this photo is our family.

We're the people behind Double M Farms. We share "Lessons from the Yoke": Biblical and historical stories about how Oxen work, and how we can learn to work better with others by learning from a team of Oxen.

We love this work. For us, it's more than a business. It's a ministry. Of course, we still have to make an income. It takes a lot of effort to prepare for live oxen events and training seminars, but we've learned so much about Oxen and their way of working together, it ties in greatly to what we find in the bible.

Sometimes it is really hard. Especially when we feel opposition, but we know that there are so many life changing ways a pair of oxen working together can help change peoples lives, and it makes it worth it. Thankfully, we mostly get great feedback and it makes what we do so much easier.

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About "Lessons from the Yoke"

From our Customers

Fair at New Boston historical reenactment

To see and hear the presentation as given by Mark Hufford and his family was informative, compelling and interactive.

Swiss Heritage Village

Mark, Monica and their family have been a huge asset to our historical village for several years now. We have around 1400 school age children visit our village on one weekend. Mark teaches the use of oxen in American history and demonstrates working the oxen for the children. For many kids this is the only opportunity they have to interact with working farm animals. They do an amazing job reaching & teaching!

Jack Waid. George Rogers Clark Association

I wanted to again say how much I enjoyed our visit and discussion(s). It was definitely refreshing to have an oxen and Biblical discussion in the, "early 1800s." Joking of course about the time period but it is a great reminder of how God meets us where we are. We do not have to go looking for Him.
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