"Lessons from the Yoke"
Bring live oxen out to your event.
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About Us

We're Mark and Monica Hufford, the people behind Double M Farms LLC. We are located in central Indiana on a 30 acre homestead. History and agriculture go back multiple generations in our family. We love to teach others what we have learned and experience thoughout the 25 years of our married life. Oxen is only a small part of the journey we have enjoyed together as a family.

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About Us
Live Oxen Training

Bring Live Oxen to Your Event

The #1 question we get is "What is an OX"? Any breed of cattle trained to work is an oxen.  Generally they are neutered males (steers) with horns. Gentle and powerful, trained beast that were used to build America from the days of the Pilgrims landing in the 1620's to the 20th century.

Have you ever wanted to have real, live working oxen at an event you are hosting? We have two yokes of trained oxen that we can bring to you! We frequent church groups, festivals, historical events, movies and fairs. We bring an interactive learning experience to your location.

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Bring Live Oxen to Your Event

Oxen Conversations and Expertise

Bring the past to your event.
Are you ready to bring a memorable experience to your event attendees? Contact us to learn if we are a good fit.
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