Oxen "Power for the modern Homesteader"!
Oxen for the 21st Century

Oxen "Power for the modern Homesteader"!

Oxen are a great power source for the modern homesteader. They are very cost effective to own, easy to work with and are able to handle heavy jobs that require the extra power needed around your homestead. You can use them to till the land, haul heavy loads, pull logs for harvest, or even pull a stoneboat for removing rocks. They thrive on inexpensive feed sources and are gentle to handle. I can show how they are the perfect fit for the modern small acreage homesteader just like they were in the past.

We have participated in workshops, homesteading conferences and draft farm events in the past, and love to get to help new homesteaders start out the homesteading journey with oxen.


Oxen Conversations and Expertise

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